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Title insurance protects purchasers and lenders against defects in title, including adverse ownership claims, documentation errors, fraud, forgery, liens, easements, and various other issues that may arise. Brightline offers a variety of insured title products to protect your investment.

Owner's Title Policy

    An owner’s title policy offers financial protection against title issues that may not be found in the public record or aren’t discovered in the title search process, as well as those that may arise from fraud or forgery

Mortgage Title Policy

    A mortgage title policy protects the lender or mortgage holder and insures the priority and enforceability of the mortgage.

Mortgage Modification Policy (MMP)

    A mortgage modification policy (MMP) guarantees lien priority during a loan modification and provides an alternative to an ALTA loan policy. The MMP insures against loss or damage resulting from the original lien position being lost as a result of a loan modification.

Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG)

    A Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) is a title guarantee issued at the start of the foreclosure process. It protects the foreclosing beneficiary and trustee by delivering information needed to ensure compliance with statutory foreclosure requirements.