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James E. Albertelli, Esq.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jim is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of industry experience. During that time, he has honed his leadership skills by effectively managing people, processes and technology in an ever-changing regulatory environment and building scale with metrics-based management, while providing substantial returns to stakeholders.

Jim has built a multi-state creditors’ rights law practice (ALAW) representing both institutional and private lenders throughout the loan lifecycle from origination to asset reclamation and collection. With more than 350 employees in ten states and the US Virgin Islands, ALAW is a trusted partner for the industry’s largest banks, mortgage servicers and GSEs, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Jim successfully guided ALAW through the mortgage crisis and into the current market by applying lean principles and managing down fixed costs through automation, all while expanding the Firm’s footprint.

While building his legal practice, Jim founded the first distressed asset auction website that he later licensed and sold to In tandem with the auction website, he also created supporting businesses to finance and guide consumers, including Swift Realty and PREO Mortgage. Jim later sold PREO Mortgage, an online originator and servicer now known as known as First Key Lending, to Cerberus Capital Management.

In an effort to further support the needs of his institutional clients, Jim created and built a national title, escrow and closing company in Brightline Title. Brightline now provides title, escrow and closing support in conjunction with ALAW’s legal services while also providing retail services and management to various joint venture partners. Brightline’s clients include GSEs, mortgage servicers, mortgage banks, traditional real estate brokerages and various real estate disrupters such as OfferPad, EXP, and Redefy.

Finally, Jim has developed multiple technology platforms that continue to support real estate investors and servicers. InfoEx is a technology and services company providing end-to-end default management for mortgage servicers, while Oversite Date Services’ BestX platform provides legal intelligence to secondary market investors and compliance counsel.

Prior to building his real estate practice, Jim honed his litigation skills in the State and Federal Courts of Florida and Georgia. He has taught Litigation Analytics at Emory University School of Law and both Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law at The Florida Coastal School of Law. Jim also practiced as an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Chief Judge of the Cobb Judicial Court.

Jim is a member of the Florida Bar, the State Bar of Georgia, the United States Supreme Court Bar, and the American Bar Association. He is a member of the Real Estate Property Section of the Florida, Georgia and American Bar Associations, and is a member of every Federal jurisdiction in Florida and Georgia. Jim is also a member of the Board of Advisors for Emory University School of Transactional Law.